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Echoes From Fomalhaut #01: Beware the Beekeeper!

Beware the Beekeeper!
A 40-page fanzine featuring adventures and GM-friendly campaign materials for Advanced old-school RPG rules, with artwork by Denis McCarthy, Stefan Poag, and past masters. This issue contains...
Bazaar of the Bizarre: a 1d100 table to generate strange merchants, with caravan guidelines.
The Rules of the Game: sets out the conventions followed in the zine.
The Singing Caverns: a two-level cavern system with 49 keyed areas, inhabited by orcs, bandits, and the mysteries of a bygone age.
Philtres & Dusts: a sampler of magical potions and dusts.
Red Mound: a mysterious adventure location found in the wastelands.
Morale & Men: a simple, fun set of follower and morale rules, written by two guest-authors.
The Mysterious Manor: the dilapidated manor house of an extinct noble family, now with new occupants... or is there more to it? 23 keyed areas.
Also... an unkeyed city map! (extra fold-out supplement)

Yes, there is a downloadable sample!

You can buy this issue via PayPal:

For more than two copies and bulk orders, please contact me at, and we will figure things out. Orders within Hungary are shipped free of charge - please mail me with a valid shipping address and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Please note that your print order also makes you eligible for free PDF copies of your ordered items when they become available (should be a few months after the print edition). PDFs will be delivered via RPGNow to your regular e-mail address, unless you request otherwise.

How shipping works

I try to ship orders within a few days of receipt. I ship via the Hungarian Post, priority mail (there are no major price differences between priority and regular). The post uses the following weight ranges:
51 – 100 grams: Europe $3.5, Worldwide $4
101 – 250 grams:  Europe $5.8, Worldwide $6.6
251 – 500 grams: Europe $9.4, Worldwide $10.7
501 – 1000 grams: Europe $15.9, Worldwide $18.1

I package every zine in an envelope. For more than one items, I am packing the items in a larger, sturdier envelope that can safely fit around 8 zines. If you’d place a bulk order, we’ll probably need a cardboard box. Here is how the weights go:
1 zine: 86 g
2 zines: 172 g + 30 g envelope = 202 g
3 zines: 258 g + 30 g envelope = 288 g
4 zines: 344 g + 30 g envelope = 374 g
5 zines: 430 g + 30 g envelope = 460 g

Based on preliminary test mailings, priority mail takes a few days to reach European addresses, and approximately 9-12 days to arrive in the USA. If your package arrives damaged, please contact me at with a photo of the damage.

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